Healing Humans Staff

Early on

I began my Chiropractic journey in undergrad when I started seeing a chiropractor for the first time. I had chronic intense neck and shoulder pains and every time I looked to the right quickly or played contact sports that forced sudden movements of my neck, a constant fiery jolt would rage from my neck into my entire arm that made me incapable of lifting my arm for 30 seconds to a minute until gradually, the fiery pain would some-what reside until the next time I made a sudden movement. I had been dealing with this pain starting for the first time at 12 years old when it came about while playing football with some older kids in my neighborhood I had my first stinger and paralyzing of my right arm after tackling “Big Mike”. From then on I had constant pain but I just thought pain was a normal part of everyone’s life; Dad always told me “pain just lets you know your alive” as he had constant low back pain after clearing brush and trees often. After graduating with a degree in physics and minor in biochemistry I was directed to Parker University while looking into med-schools. I had never found a philosophy that resonated with me so profoundly; It was almost as if it found me at the perfect time.

So I began my Chiropractic Educational Journey 9 days after graduating from University of Central Arkansas…


I Graduated from Parker University, earning another 3 additional degrees: Anatomy, Health and Wellness, as well as my Doctorate In Chiropractic. Since My graduation in August 2018 I have been licensed in Oregon and Texas. I spent a year taking care of the University of Oregon club sports teams and eventually moved home to Dallas where I get to be with my family and watch my nieces and nephews grow. I love getting to serve the Dallas Community because Dallas will always be my true home-town and I love to watch it thrive.

I started Healing Humans so that the community will have affordable access to quality Chiropractic care and therapies. Thinking back to how life-changing access to these simple health routines would have been when I was facing my health problems keeps me focused on finding people in the community who are searching for answers to their similar problems.